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Specialty Crop Solutions is now a Retail Partner of AgroLiquid

May 2, 2016

April, 2016

Specialty Crop Solutions is pleased to announce that they are now an Independent Retail Partner of AgroLiquid.

Specialty Crop Solutions, a distributor of nutrient and control products to the specialty crop farmers of Michigan, adds AgroLiquid nutrients to its product offering mix.

AgroLiquid was founded by father and son-in-law team, Douglas Cook and Troy Bancroft, in 1983, in St. Johns, MI. AgroLiquid remains a family business, both in its ownership and direction, to this day.

AgroLiquid’s goal is to ‘Prosper the Farmer While Safeguarding the Environment.’ AgroLiquid’s products are manufactured to standards above-and-beyond State and Federal standards; they use rail cars for distribution to release fewer emissions and are a part of the Responsible Nutrient Management Foundation. AgroLiquid adheres to the 4R’s: Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place, to sustainably produce more food and fiber for a growing population with less applied fertilizer.

AgroLiquid supports their products with extensive research. A 750 tillable-acre farm, located in St. Johns, MI, is one of the largest research farms dedicated to fertilizer research. Their focus is to ensure crops are receiving the highest quality of plant nutrition. The farm conducts extensive nutrient research on row crops and specialty crops.  AgroLiquid has issued an invitation for Specialty Crop Solutions customers to visit their farm, and see first-hand the crop research conducted there.